Stop Worrying About Your Audience, Start Connecting to Your Wisdom

Do you know that you want to write a non-fiction leadership book, but are not sure what it's about just yet?

Follow our intuitive Soul Excellence book outline and structuring process to get closer to your inner wisdom.

1. Your vision & voice

To begin your journey, you'll first want to connect with your heart, your vision, your voice, and ultimately your story. This is a starting point for you to explore some initial book ideas, creating space and awareness for the “right idea” to flow to you.

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2. Your audience & collaborators

Now that you've found your vision and voice (or are working on it!) you'll next want to imagine your reader and call in your collaborators. Your reader will become more empowered from reading your book and your collaborators will support your journey and enable you to expand your sphere of influence.

3. Your ideas & first book

Having connected more deeply with yourself and audience, you are now invited to align on the idea for your first book and begin the process of mapping it out. You will bring together what you did in the first two weeks and start to create the vision for your first book.

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4. Your chapters & main takeaways

You have been exploring your mind maps and the vision for your book is becoming clearer. And if it hasn’t yet, fear not! This process will help you get there. This step is all about mapping out your chapters and the thesis - or main point - of your chapters.

5. Your stories & supporting content

Now it's time to focus on your chapter structure and outline, the organizing mechanisms for your BIG idea and impactful book. By the end of this step, you should have a fairly filled out book structure and chapter outline to work with before we close our time together by creating your writing and publishing plan!

Your book outline

Time to lay everything out! This book outline template helps you organize your book and get those ideas down on paper so it can become a reality. Start creating your book, one step at a time.

Your writing plan

This writing plan will help keep you on track! From when to write, how to track progress, and why self-care is so important, this plan lays out what you need to be successful on your writing journey.

Have you been holding back a piece of you in your life and career?

It's time to explore your soul's excellence and allow your innate gifts to guide your next big life decision.

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