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STEM Century: It Takes a Village to Raise a 21st-Century Graduate

In collaboration with 21stCentEd and featuring over 80 educators, administrators, business leaders, parents, and students.


Our nation’s children deserve better.

The 21st century’s reliance on technology is accelerating. Artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, and other emerging technologies are transforming the way we live—and the way we work. But are we keeping up with this acceleration? Are we on pace to cultivate individuals that have the foundational science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)  education and skills needed to meet these new times? The answer is no. But we are here to change that.

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Black Utah: Stories from a Thriving Community

Black Utah highlights the stories and experiences of the Black community living in Utah. You'll hear from dozens of individuals with diverse backgrounds sharing why Utah has a community for them and how they are thriving in this increasingly dynamic corner of the Mountain West. While hundreds of voices could have been included in this book, we are just bringing you a small sample from this ever-growing community made up of pioneers and change-makers who are actively creating a culture that lets all of us call Utah “home.”  

Greener Data:
Actionable Insights from Industry Leaders

As the necessary critical infrastructure powering many other industries’ new digital transformations and rapid growth into IoT and AI-driven platforms, services and innovations, we have a unique lens into the latest green initiatives that are under review and in deployment, across multiple countries, languages and leadership teams.

GREENER DATA: Actionable Insights from Industry Leaders gathers insight from thought leaders around the globe, sharing latest developments and technologies that are actively working towards a greener tomorrow, particularly focused on drastically reducing carbon emissions. 

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