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We publish non-fiction leadership books with soulful, successful leaders in business who have important things to say about the future of society.

Living With Purpose
by James Jackson, III

We are not meant to just live; we are meant to live on purpose.

In this book, bestselling author James Jackson, III chronicles his life and how he came to find his purpose—as a community builder, speaker, connector, and founder of The Utah Black Chamber. He graciously opens the doors to his past and allows the reader to step over the threshold and join him on his life’s journey. Along the way, he outlines what the word purpose means to him and how he believes that passion is an essential component to attaining it.

From his childhood to the present day, James talks about how he slowly uncovered his own passion, who influenced him on his journey, and how he was able to endure tough times and wrong turns to finally find his purpose and fully live into it, day-by-day.

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Stellar Singularity
by Elizebeth Varghese

It’s like 1492 all over again, but this time with rockets. Yes, the age of commercial space exploration is upon us - so what does that mean for us?

Elizabeth Varghese makes the case for the dawn of the spacefaring economy and outlines how every company will need to understand, leverage, and operate in space.

If you are a leader in an organization, it’s time to turn your attention to outer space. Varghese is recognized as a people strategist who brings her love of humanity and strong ethics into this spirited summary of the key things you need to understand today to lead your company into the future.

Power Thinking: Discovering the Unknown by Unlocking Your Brain

by Don Hooper, Ph.D., CTL

“Just like Napolean Hill's book Think and Grow Rich, Don Hooper's book will impact thought leaders for decades to come."
—Rod Paige, Former United States Secretary of Education

Power Thinking is a book that teaches you what it really takes to become a thought leader and pave the way for a free, flourishing society, one where we each think for ourselves, solve problems creatively, and take powerful action to change the status quo. It is a must-read for all professionals who want to improve their performance, upgrade their thinking skills, and become the leaders they were truly meant to be.

[Block]Chain Reaction: The Future of How We Live and Work

by Elizebeth Varghese

Humanity’s biggest need is to connect. This will become particularly important as we use more technology and explore other planets in the future. If we move forward without keeping connection at our core, progress will be impeded and large segments of the population will be left behind.

Varghese explains how AI in general, and blockchain in particular, can bridge our connection gap and help change the world for the better—by creating strong bonds of trust and unleashing the potential of all people, no matter where they live.

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The Inside Job: Master the World Within to Lead the Future of Corporate

by Sasha Stair

“A clear and witty guide for corporate leaders who are ready to reimagine the new wave of conscious leadership."
—KEITH FERRAZZI, New York Times #1 Bestselling Author

In her debut solo book, commercial executive Sasha Stair extends an invitation to business leaders: help heal corporate America. Where does she ask that you start? Within.

Through intimate personal stories and lessons learned, practical tips, and invaluable everyday exercises, Stair shares what it really takes to live and lead with purpose and effect massive change in the teams and businesses in which we work.

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