Leaders love who they become when they express themselves with Soul Excellence Publishing.

I’ve always had a goal of writing a book. When I approached Kayleigh for my solo project, she had a great outline of how to get it done without it becoming so overwhelming.

She flew out to Salt Lake City and we spent the time outlining my vision, getting all my thoughts out, and coming up with a marketing plan. With her help, I had an outline of each chapter and how to get the book completed by the deadline. This process made writing the book so much easier than I expected.

I became inspired by my own story and was encouraged to go deeper into it. This process was so seamless and I was able to focus more on the product than all the intricacies and administrative functions of writing a book.

Thank you Kayleigh and Soul Excellence Publishing for helping my dream come to life!”

- James Jackson, III, Founder, Utah Black Chamber (SLC, UT) | International Best-selling Author of Living with Purpose, Leading Through the Pandemic, and Black Utah

“After working with Soul Excellence Publishing to publish two bestselling books in our STEM Century series, we decided to work with Kayleigh to bring our book publishing and thought leadership service in-house.

Kayleigh provided a one-day training comprehensive of all materials needed to support the many aspects of the book publishing process: strategy, author engagement, tactical operations plan to publish including many pro tips, and marketing support to reach best seller status and continue engagement with authors.

The impact of this was immense as it simplified and streamlined the process to be easily digestible and manageable, and led to us achieving best seller status with the first book we published!

In addition, Kayleigh facilitated thoughtful conversations to help us think through our program and make it our own. Kayleigh is thorough and a wealth of knowledge!"

- Marlon Lindsey, CEO of 21stCentEd (SLC, UT) | International Best-selling Author of STEM Century: It Takes a Village to Raise a 21st-Century Graduate, including the NABSE edition, Suffolk, VA edition, and Jamaica edition

“Kayleigh was my rock and the wind beneath my wings for writing and launching my book! She has an elegant, yet determined way about her that makes everything seem possible. I couldn’t have achieved such a big personal milestone without her and Soul Excellence Publishing."

- Elizebeth Varghese, Global Talent Leader at IBM (NY, NY) | International Best-selling Author of [Block]Chain Reaction: The Future of How We Live & Work and co-author in Significant Women

"Kayleigh has built a dream team to support the publication of my very first (though not last) thought leadership book! With her support and guidance, my book hit #1 Amazon bestseller in over seven categories and has catapulted my speaking career as I share my message with women in leadership positions around the country.”

- Sasha Stair, FinTech Leader & Executive Coach (Scottsdale, AZ) | 3X International Best-selling Author of The Inside Job: Master The World Within to Lead the Future of Corporate and co-author in Leading Through the Pandemic & Significant Women

"As an author, there is nothing more challenging than writing, editing, publishing, and then what. I had tried other publishers who talk a good game, but Soul Excellence delivers not just a promise, but Kayleigh coaches, guides, advises and keeps you on track for publishing success.  Kayleigh O’Keefe’s upbeat energy and focus on the author’s success are powerful, uplifting, and essential for success.  She also follows through on the “then what” by introducing authors to marketing services, audio recording providers, and more. Without Soul Excellence as my coach and guide, I would not be a successful author. I will use her when I write my next book."


- Don Hooper, Ph.D., CTL and #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of Power Thinking: Discovering the Unknown by Unlocking Your Brain

"I desire to be impactful always. Sharing my story and reflections has allowed me to do just that.

I want to thank Soul Excellence Publishing and Kayleigh for giving me the opportunity to reflect, write, and share about my own SHIFT. I've wanted to write my own book for some time - and I will - but writing in these collaborations was a perfect way to get started and reinforce the new path I'm on in my career and life!"

- Chantée Christian, CEO of My Best Shift (MD, USA) | 2X International Best-selling Author in Leading Through the Pandemic & Significant Women

"Kayleigh's leadership of the our multi-author book, Significant Women, was brilliant. She set a wonderful, upbeat, can-do tone, got things done, kept us moving, reached out to those of us who were stalling, held us all together and created a collaborative, open environment for us all. I'm grateful that I said 'yes' to sharing my story, becoming a best-selling author, and collaborating with Kayleigh, women from around the globe, and Soul Excellence Publishing.”

- Mary Mesaglio, author in Significant Women and VP & Distinguished Advisor at Gartner (Barcelona, Spain)

"Putting my story on paper helped to clear my mind. Not only did I heal myself with this writing process, I healed my relationships with others. It also helped to kick start my journey as an entrepreneur and changed everything for me! Kayleigh was so supportive and a dream publisher to share my story of significance."

- Brigitte Bojkowzsky, author in Significant Women and Founder and Global Branding Strategist at BridgetBrands (Vienna, Austria)

"Working with Soul Excellence Publishing & Kayleigh has been a GAME-CHANGER."

- James Jackson, III | Founder of Utah Black Chamber

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