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The world is waking up, and a new kind of leader is emerging to help humanity heal and evolve.

The Empath Leader is a forthcoming book, a global movement, and most notably a conscious collaboration among individuals who are harnessing the committed, intuitive, and compassionate qualities of the empath to lead in their respective areas of influence and expertise.

Get to know us, see yourself in us, and join us in this pivotal moment in human history.

Empath Leader, it is time for YOU to show up.

Claudia Cauterucci

Founder and Creator,
Empath Leader & Dynamic R-Evolution Curriculum

Claudia Cauterucci is an Intuitive, trauma-informed psychotherapist with a private practice in downtown Washington, D.C. for over 20 years. 

Claudia is the creator of Dynamic R-Evolution Curriculum where her numerous programs, tools, and workshops help people to get a “PhD in You.” 

She is also the host of the Heaven on Earth podcast, best-selling author, and creator of The Empath Leader Training, the first of its kind for today's emerging leaders.

Kayleigh O'Keefe

Founder and CEO,
Soul Excellence Publishing

Kayleigh O'Keefe is a best-selling author, speaker, host of The Future is Human podcast, and founder and CEO of Soul Excellence Publishing, where she amplifies the wisdom of conscious, courageous leaders.

Soul Excellence Publishing has helped over 500 individuals from 16 countries become best-selling authors in collaborative books on personal growth and transformation that pave the way for Heaven on Earth.

The Empath Leader is a revolutionary guide for the 2-4% of the population with innate empathic and psychic gifts, urging them to embrace their role in leadership.

Authored by a clinician with deep insights into empathy, this book delves into the unique qualities of empath leaders, showcasing their stories across various fields.

It challenges the conventional image of leaders, advocating for the integration of heart, soul, and intuition alongside traditional leadership qualities.

Ideal for sensitive, high-achieving individuals, The Empath Leader is more than just a book; it's a movement to build a global community of empath leaders.

It's a manifesto for those who feel deeply and are destined to lead, offering tools and wisdom to harness their gifts for transformative leadership.

This book is a beacon for anyone seeking to understand and empower the empath within, promising to reshape our perception of leadership and influence society's rebuilding process.

New Release

March 15th

Meet the Authors & Empath Leaders


Vice President of Strategy & Impact at Inatai Foundation 

Carmen Berkley (she/her) believes that communities are powerful, and deserve to be heard, safe, well resourced and given the tools to achieve their dreams to ensure racial justice, equity and freedom in our lifetime.

She has focused her career on transforming the future in service of powerful, yet marginalized, people through advocacy, storytelling, communications, organizational development and philanthropy.

Connect with Carmen on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carmenberkley/


Clinic Director, Stella Center

Charles Martinez is a compassionate, empathetic, dedicated and professional Family Nurse Practitioner who now provides exceptional care to individuals who are on their healing journeys through Ketamine-assisted therapies in the Washington, DC area.

Connect with Charles on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charles-martinez-352624152/


Business Technology Consultant & President of NV State Board of Education

Felicia Ortiz is a Las Vegas native, born in Las Vegas, New Mexico and currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada! When she is not helping businesses thrive as a consultant, she is volunteering her time in her community. She is currently serving as the President of the Nevada State Board of Education.

Her passion for education and equity led her to step-up and run for state board of education in 2016. She has demonstrated unwavering commitment to shaping and advocating for progressive education policies, emphasizing equity, student social and emotional wellbeing, and academic success.

Connect with Felicia on LinkedIn:





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You seek collaboration and connection to reach your goals.


You relish human intimacy and being authentic with people.


You are a team player, enabling everyone to share their gifts.


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What is the distinction between empathy in leadership and Empath Leader?

Empathy and being an empath are related concepts, but they have distinct meanings. Empathy refers to the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. It involves being able to put oneself in someone else's shoes, perceive their emotions, and respond in a way that acknowledges and validates those feelings. An empath, on the other hand, is often used to describe a person who is particularly sensitive to the emotions and energy of others. This term is more associated with a heightened or deepened capacity for empathy.

It's important to note that the concept of being an empath has often been discussed in more spiritual or metaphysical contexts, and was not considered to have a universally accepted scientific basis. This has changed in the last decade or so because of people like Dr. Judith Orloff, Harvard graduate, psychiatrist, and bestselling author, who pioneered the conversation about Empaths and their distinct profile and needs. Dr. Orloff identifies as an Empath, treats Empaths, and teaches empaths how to navigate a world that hasn’t fully understood them. Dr. Orloff, amongst others, will be highlighted here, have brought credibility to the Empath and given them a place in the human tapestry. 

An Empath Leader is an empath who is sovereign and stands firmly in their convictions. Empath Leaders display competence, courage, curiosity, conviction, and a kind heart and are most often found building bridges to more whole and healed individual, familiar, organizational, and societal structures.

Where can I learn more about becoming an Empath Leader while I wait for the book?

We highly recommend you subscribe to Claudia's YouTube Channel, Heaven on Earth, and Kayleigh's YouTube Channel, The Future is Human, where they both explore what it means to be an Empath Leader in the world today.

You can also connect with each of us on LinkedIn!

How can I support the book launch?

Thank you for asking! If you would like to be a part of our VIP program and get early access to the book in exchange for a positive reader review on Amazon click publishing@kayleighokeefe.com and just add the subject line Empath Leader Book and we'll share the next steps. Thank you!