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We help successful, soulful executives and entrepreneurs share their wisdom - and spark movements - through bestselling books.

Write a Chapter in One of Our 2023 Books!

You’re a high-integrity leader who loves to bring up other people as you rise.

Your knowledge has the power to guide.

Your words have the power to inspire.

Your heart has the power to connect.

Your vision has the power to shift perspectives. 

We work exclusively with leaders determined to lead with Soul Excellence, their unique expression of their purpose to create a free, flourishing society. 

Corporate Leadership Book Program

We collaborate with mission-driven organizations to help them create community, share diverse perspectives, and shift the future - all through visionary best-selling books.

Multi-Author Collaborations

With a pulse on the culture, our founder, Kayleigh, creates timely multi-author books where leaders are selected to each write a chapter and share their perspective.


Our Founder, Kayleigh, understands your business and people challenges.

Kayleigh advised Fortune 500 executives in sales, marketing, communications, and technology across the globe for eight years before building out a customer success team at an early-stage tech company, Snapdocs, now valued over $1B. She loves working with leaders who want to create high-compassion, high-performance teams.

She knows what it takes to help you and your team clarify your mission, amplify your impact, and leave a lasting legacy. She is available for presentations, keynotes, and workshops if you want to:

  • invigorate your team
  • improve communication
  • speed-up decision-making
  • begin to transform the culture into a high-performance, high-compassion one 

Have you been holding back a piece of you in your life and career?

It's time to explore your soul's excellence and allow your innate gifts to guide your next big life decision.

Discover your soul's excellence today!

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